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The Amphibious Harvester that goes anywhere

Where the Standard Aquatic Harvester stops, the Mobitrac 8000AU, goes on…

The Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious harvester is a go anywhere aquatic harvester. On land, in water, through mud, on beaches, in swamps…all with amazing versatility, it can cut, harvest and collect aquatic weeds, excavate, dredge and de-silt waterways.

The Mobitrac 8000AU can harvest aquatic weeds including floating, submerged and emergent aquatics in waterways as well as terrestrial weeds encroaching the boundaries of waterways. In or out of the water the Mobitrac goes on.

Unique benefits of the Mobitrac weed harvesting system

Small compact form and more manouverable
>  One-man operation, not two
>  No cranes required to to lift in and out of the water
>  No shore conveyors required
>  Cost-effective harvest more frequently

Instead of doing one big harvest every year with big set up costs and huge volumes taken out in one hit, causing algae blooms, you can manage the aquatic environment by conducting a more maintenance-based approach cutting less weed more frequently, resulting in a more stable aquatic environment at the same cost as a once a year bulk harvest.

Aquatic Technologies is the exclusive agent for Mobitrac Australia. We look forward to providing you with an aquatic solution for you needs. Call us today on 03 9071 2442 to discuss your project.

The Mobitrac is an amazing amphibious machine that can operate in any environment. Engineered to be extremely versatile on land, water, eco‐sensitive waterways and wetlands. Comfort and safety of the operator is of as much importance as the function of the machine itself. There are hundreds of Mobitrac’s currently being used in many industries & governments all over the world.

With an array of attachment tools for Aquatic Harvesting, Excavating, & Dredging the Mobitrac is equipped to do it all. The Mobitrac is amazingly manoeuvrable on land and water and allows the operator to work in hard to access areas like retention ponds, wetlands, river embankments, and canals. It rotates on it’s on an axis which provides manoeuvrability in tight spaces and is extremely gentle on sensitive areas.